Monday, October 25, 2010

Fictitious Preview 2

Across the dark corners of a jail cell, a faint light gleamed through the rusted iron bars to reveal a helpless young lady cringing against one corner of the small room. She was completely in the nude, her body covered in a thick, gooey substance, her face a blank look.

"Is that her?" asked a voice from the dark.

"Yes," answered Wee Boon with his eyes averted from both the jail cell and the dark figure he was standing by. "That's Akiyama Mio, too."

The dark figure walked in closer towards the iron bars, wrapping her fingers round the cold metallic surface.

"How long, Wee Boon?"

The boy behind the dark figure turned his head slightly, rather confused at the context of the question. "Excuse me?"

"How long do you estimate her to be kept here for?"

Wee Boon looked away, trying his best to pull out a mental calculation as soon as possible. "I haven't read much, but I'd say she's been tortured for four days… straight."

"Tortured?" the dark figure replied, almost in mockery. She gave a little snicker in response. "Don't you mean raped, you hypocrite?"

Wee Boon gave a little sigh. He had long relinquished to the dark figure's contempt towards him.

The figure walked past the cell to its entrance gate. She pushed open the gate slowly and stepped in, cautiously making her approach to the Mio inside. When she arrived by her side, however, no sign of response came from Mio. The dark figure was just inches away from contact, but Mio simply sat there.

She smelled bad, so much so that the dark figure took a step back, away from the foul stench. Then she crawled in closer again to take a closer look at Mio's empty face. She gave a sigh of despondence when Mio remained unresponsive.

"How could you people do such horrendous things?" the dark figure questioned, her head slightly turned back towards Wee Boon. "How could you masturbate to such atrocities?!"

What was he to say? That he didn't know she was a real person? That he had never the intention to hurt anyone? All the excuses were given, and it was given enough. It wouldn't help anybody giving more pointless excuse.

The dark figure turned away, walking towards the gate. "Can't we save her?"

"If we save one of'em, we might as well save the hundreds of them out there. Besides, your character isn't the only one that's thrust into a rape hentai, Mio."

The dark figure, now revealed to be also named Mio, paused for a moment, pondering amidst this chaotic madness.

"What about Ritsu and the others? Are they safe?"

"Ritsu is… mostly safe. No one has the interest to fap off a tomboy, especially one that look like her."

"What's wrong with Ritsu's looks?" snapped Mio, utterly disgusted by the manner he described people's sexual interest for her friend.

"Yui is quite safe, too," Wee Boon ignored Mio's question. "She's too innocent-looking to be involved in rape doujins. As for Mugi, she's just categorized as plain lesbo in our world. She'd be mostly the one doing the rape herself."

Mio hurriedly walked to one side, sickened by how each of her friend was described to be a by-product. Worse, she knew herself was the biggest by-product of all.

"Then what'bout Azusa?"

Wee Boon didn't answer for quite a while. Only after Mio threw a glare at him did he take up the courage to spit out the truth.

"People are still writing rape doujins of her today… though her case is less worse than yours…"

Mio crumbled down against the wall, feeling almost as helpless as the version of her kept in the cell.

"Why me…"

Wee Boon sighed. He walked beside Mio and squatted beside her. "After K-On Season Three ended, you were regarded as the most useless character in the show. KyoAni had to drop you. I thought it was finally over when they did but… looks like people were still trying to get a last fap outta your rape."

"Including you?" she snapped, piercing him with a hot-blooded stare.

Wee Boon shook his head. "I quit that shit just a year before Season Three aired. It was… getting pointless. Fapping, I mean."

Mio gave a chuckle at her own demise. "So I'm forgotten… but not entirely forgotten, not by the fappers. How nice."

"You are not forgotten. Mio is."

"Right, I keep forgetting how you refer to me as another person…"

"You are another person. "Person", that's the keyword. Heh… you should see the shit they made Mio do in Season Three. Totally redunculous. She's… nothing but a piece of meat now. You're not."

"But don't you see? No matter what you change in me, I'm still the failed product KyoAni's Akiyama Mio started out to be! There's no change in the truth!"

"The truth? The truth is what you made to be, Mio! The only reason Akiyama Mio… the only reason any character at all would turn out to be a failed product is because the writers themselves don't know how to properly manipulate the character. The possibilities to be explored in a human is endless - in any human, regardless of her personality."

"I've heard enough of your philosophy…"

"No, look at me! The reason… the reason Akiyama Mio is sitting behind that jail cell was not because you were made to be a useless character. I realized that. There are no useless characters - only shitty writers. In KyoAni's case, they just don't give a fuck about you. If the circumstances were to be changed in Season Two of K-On… who do you think would be forgotten today, instead?"

Mio looked away, unwilling to reply with the possible answer to the question.

"That's right. It's Ritsu. Character developments are only triggered by the circumstances given to the character's surroundings. Change those circumstances and you'd have Akiyama Mio being the one who was developed instead of Ritsu. If K-On was anything like real life, Ritsu wouldn't even be at Sakura High."

"Stop criticizing Rit-"

"I'm not. I'm just saying… It's not you, okay? It's them, KyoAni. Every person is special, and it is my belief that any character, if his or her canon universe is ignored, can evolve into something greater as well."

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